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    FS-6 Series Linear Hall Effect Foot Switches(IP68)
    •Robust aluminum alloy die cast body
    •Linear Hall Effect Output
    •Output can be directly connected to most electronics circuitry such as microprocessors integrated logic, discrete transistors and SCRs with compatible voltage specifications
    Installation dimensions:
    Supply Voltage (Vs) 4.5 VDC to 10 VDC
    Supply Current Typical: 7mA Max.: 8.7mA
    Output Type Ratiometric
    Output Voltage Typical : 0.2 to (Vs - 0.2) Min.: 0.4 to (Vs - 0.4) Typical : 0.2 to (Vs - 0.2) Min.: 0.4 to (Vs - 0.4) Typical : 1.5mA Min.: 1.0mA
    Service Life 1 x107 (operations)
    Operating Temperature -40~+100oC (-40~212oF)
    Degree of Protection IP68(NEMA 6,6P)

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