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    SSD4 Series Latching Limit Switches
    * Glass fiber reinforced plastic body

    * Conform to En 60947-5-1,IEC 60947-5-1,UL 508,ASME A17.1/5,EN 81-1,EN 81-2 Standards

    * Reset with electric pulse 24VDC,48VDC,120VAC or 240VAC options

    * Galvanically separated contacts

    * Prewired with 3 possible cable entry positions

    * Positive Opening of NC contacts

    * Conform to EN 50047 Standard

    Introduction: SSD4 latching limit switch with remote reset is desiged for use for applications,where an intentional reset of the switch is required.The switch can be remotely resetted without being physically near it.

    * overspeed governor,particularly suitable for machine room less lifts

    * Wind generators,or similar applications with service areas difficult to ace

    Installation dimensions:
    Operating Speed:0.05mm-0.5m/sec
    Rated Current/Voltage: 10A/600VAC(EN60947-5-1) AC15 A600/DC13 Q300
    Service Life: Mechanically 50,000(ops)
    Operating Temperature: -25~50℃(-13~122 F)with no icing
    Actuating Force: 6N(+/-2N)
    Actuating Distance: < 0.5mm
    Contact Opening 2x2mm
    Degree of Protection: IP67
    Rated Voltage(Ue):24 VDC(+/- 10%) 48VDC(+/- 10%) 120 VAC(+/- 10%) 240VAC(+/- 10%)
    Rated current(Ie) 3A (24VDC) 1.5A(48VDC) 0.8A(120VAC) 0.5A(230VAC)
    Solenoid duty cycle: 3%ED
    Power supply time:Power supply time: min. 0.2s,max 0.5s Time without power supply min.30s
    Max operating frequency: 100operations cycles/hourss.

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