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    Revolving Warning Lights
    Visual signals lights

    * Manufacturer's lumen rating

    * Projected lamp life based on manufacturer's calculated lamp life @65FPM and 50% duty cycle
    Installation dimensions:
    Cat.No. Lens Color Lamp Ratings Revolution Rate Electrical Ratings Replacement Lamp Cat.No. 700-RA120 Amber 40 watts(Max) 75rpm 120V 50/60Hz 0.35Amps Industry Std. 25T8DC 700-RB120 Blue 265 lumens* 700-RC120 Clear 3328 candlepower 700-RG120 Green 25000 hours** 700-RR120 Red 700-RA24 Amber 25 watts(Max) 75rpm 24VDC 1.2Amps Industry Std. 1638 700-RB24 Blue 226 lumens* 700-RC24 Clear 2839 candlepower 700-RG24 Green 25000 hours** 700-RR24 Red

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