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    Explosion Proof Limit Switches

       · Solid zinc alloy casing,

        For its harsh environment

       · Conform to EN60947-5-1,

                      IEC 60947-5-1,



                      CSA22.2 standard

       · A variety of optional actuators

       · Repeat accuracy (0.03mm linear)

       · Three options cover:

       Compact, standard, explosion-proof




       HES-3A-11 (Two levels of action)
    Installation dimensions:

    Operating speed: 0.05mm-0.2m/sec
    Rated Current/Voltage: 10A/600V AC (EN60947-5-1);
                                      AC15 A600/DC13 Q300
    Service life:10 million (minimum)
                    Electrical 1 million (minimum)
    Operating temperature: -28.9 ~ +85 ℃ (-20 ~ 185 ° F)
    Vibration: 25gn (10 .. 150Hz, 11ms) per IEC60068-2-6
    Impact: 60gn (9ms) per IEC60068-2-27
    Dielectric strength: 2200VAC for 1 minute
    Short circuit protection: 10A fuse
    Terminal line: 12-22AWG (2.05-0.644 square mm)
    Degree of protection: IP67 conforming to IEC60529,
                                   NEMA Types 2,4,6,6 P, 12,13

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