FA Series Metal Prewired/M12 Mini Limit Switch

Pizzato  SUNS Pizzato  SUNS Pizzato  SUNS Pizzato  SUNS
FA4101 SN3101-SP FA4501 SN3101-SP FA4601 SN3101-SL FA4801 SN3101-SL
FA4102 SN3162-SP FA4502 SN3162-SP FA4602 SN3162-SL FA4802 SN3162-SL
FA4108 SN3111-SP FA4508 SN3111-SP FA4608 SN3111-SL FA4808 SN3111-SL
FA4110 SN3121-SP FA4510 SN3121-SP FA4610 SN3121-SL FA4810 SN3121-SL
FA4111 SN3132-SP FA4511 SN3132-SP FA4611 SN3132-SL FA4811 SN3132-SL
FA4112 SN3142-SP FA4512 SN3142-SP FA4612 SN3142-SL FA4812 SN3142-SL
FA4113 SN3131-SP FA4513 SN3131-SP FA4613 SN3131-SL FA4813 SN3131-SL
FA4115 SN3112-SP FA4515 SN3112-SP FA4615 SN3112-SL FA4815 SN3112-SL
FA4117 SN3122-SP FA4517 SN3122-SP FA4617 SN3122-SL FA4817 SN3122-SL
FA4120 SN3166-SP FA4520 SN3166-SP FA4620 SN3166-SL FA4820 SN3166-SL
FA4125 SN3100-SP FA4525 SN3100-SP FA4625 SN3100-SL FA4825 SN3100-SL
FA4130 SN3104-SP FA4530 SN3104-SP FA4630 SN3104-SL FA4830 SN3104-SL
FA4131 SN3104-SP FA4531 SN3104-SP FA4631 SN3104-SL FA4831 SN3104-SL
FA4133 SN3107-SP FA4533 SN3107-SP FA4633 SN3107-SL FA4833 SN3107-SL
FA4134 SN3107-SP FA4534 SN3107-SP FA4634 SN3107-SL FA4834 SN3107-SL
FA4140 SN3104-SP FA4540 SN3104-SP FA4640 SN3104-SL FA4840 SN3104-SL
FA4150 SN3107-SP FA4550 SN3107-SP FA4650 SN3107-SL FA4850 SN3107-SL
FA4151 SN3104-SP FA4551 SN3104-SP FA4651 SN3104-SL FA4851 SN3104-SL
FA4152 SN3104-SP FA4552 SN3104-SP FA4652 SN3104-SL FA4852 SN3104-SL
FA4154 SN3104-SP FA4554 SN3104-SP FA4654 SN3104-SL FA4854 SN3104-SL
FA4155 SN3108-SP FA4555 SN3108-SP FA4655 SN3108-SL FA4855 SN3108-SL
FA4156 SN3108-SP FA4556 SN3108-SP FA4656 SN3108-SL FA4856 SN3108-SL
FA4157 SN3104-SP FA4557 SN3104-SP FA4657 SN3104-SL FA4857 SN3104-SL
FA4169 SN3107-SP FA4569 SN3107-SP FA4669 SN3107-SL FA4869 SN3107-SL
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